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Armed Forces Support in Northumberland

The county council is hosting an Armed Forces Awareness Day in June to highlight the support that is available in Northumberland for veterans, reservists, serving personnel and their families. The event will take place on Tuesday 25 June, South Beach Green Space, Blyth, NE24 3PL, next to Blyth Battery between 11am – 3pm.  There will be lots of information available with representation from the Army Reserves, Walking with the Wounded, Age UK, RAF Hive and more, as well as the county council’s own Armed Forces and Veterans Outreach Workers.       There...

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Indie News Week 3-9 June

Come and say Hello to The Bridge editor, Wendy Robertson, during Indie News Week. Bring your stories and ideas for items. Tell me what you think of your community newsletter and how it can be improved to best serve Berwick. Support your community news provider and keep independent news alive. Local journalism is in crisis throughout the world; investigating and communicating news costs money but without community-based journalism more ‘news deserts’ will start to appear. Without journalists who will hold power to account and how will communities stay informed of issues that affect them?The...

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