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Indie News Week 3-9 June

Come and say Hello to The Bridge editor, Wendy Robertson, during Indie News Week.

Bring your stories and ideas for items.
Tell me what you think of your community newsletter and how it can be improved to best serve Berwick.

Support your community news provider and keep independent news alive. Local journalism is in crisis throughout the world; investigating and communicating news costs money but without community-based journalism more ‘news deserts’ will start to appear.

Without journalists who will hold power to account and how will communities stay informed of issues that affect them?
The Public Interest News Forum (PINF) is addressing these issues and 3-9 June is the first INDIE NEWS WEEK.

The more you and your community know, the more power you have to shape your own future. And we’re here to help with that. We put the power in your hands.

‘Independent media has never been more needed and we need to continue rocking the boat.’

Friday 7 June, 10am to 3.30pm – Berwick Railway Station concourse
Saturday 8 June, 10.30am to 2.30pm – Curiously, 15 Church St, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1EE

See you there!!